The Incredible DJ Polo started out mixing at house parties, school dances, and just making mix tapes just like any other Disc Jockey. Polo built a strong base for Hip Hop music in the Carolinas. He continued his reign over North Carolina by joining the powerful forces of the radio air-waves, starting off a radio career at WQMG and then moving on to WCHH & WJMH. Of Coarse, after hard work and years of experience, this rewards Polo as N.C.'s Undisputed Hottest DJ.  He is the Official DJ for Mad Face Records, 102 Jamz & Diamond Life Concerts and has performed in shows with artist such as LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Biz Markie, Jagged Edge, Ludacris, Puff Daddy, JaRule, Ashanti, Master P, and Jay-Z, just to name a few.  He has worked with local artist on his own record label and records out of his own recording studio.  Currently, Polo's recording studio is located in Charlotte North Carolina (Obia Studios) and he continues to mix at WJMH in Greensboro NC.  By doing all of this, Polo controls the hip hop scene for new artist in three states, (VA, NC, & SC).  Right now, Polo is the #1 requested DJ in the Carolinas.  DJ Polo is also in a Disc Jockey organization call “The Big Dawg Pitbulls” organized by Funk Master Flex of New York City & a cast of top DJs across the country.